Re: scedule check disk not responding

"Frenchy" wrote:

Cottonwoodian wrote:
when the apparent corruption occurred I lost my wireless internet ability and
my Norton Security Center. I used Windows defender to scan and it came up
with no problems also with no history. No restore points work. I bought the
machine just over a month ago. What are repair options prior to having
someone backup the drive and reinstall the os?

"Frenchy" wrote:

Cottonwoodian wrote:
No I don't have UAC turned off. I am so used to it I forgot I had clicked
it. I have tried 10 restore points from the last two weeks with the same
result. I have also tried all of the suggestions from Brink's tutorial
except the installation DVD because the one that came with the machine states
it will delete all files on the machine!

I do not know where to go from here.

"Frenchy" wrote:

Cottonwoodian wrote:
Pardon my ignorance as I do not know what is a UAC prompt. However I did the
command and it stated that the computer would check disk at the next startup.
I don't know if it did as after shutting down and starting up the situation
appears unresolved. When I attempted system restore the message appeared
again stating there is a file system corruption.

What is the next step to repair the computer?

"Frenchy" wrote:

Cottonwoodian wrote:
I lost my wireless and my security program somehow. Attempted to use system
restore and received a message that there us a "system curruption on ..C" and
to check disk for errors. When attempted a message stated WIndows cannot
check disk when running, do I want to check when starting computer. I
clicked "Schedule disk check" and nothing happens. After shutting down and
restarting the problem remains the same.

How do I proceed to remedy this and get my computer back and restore my
wireless and lost security program?
Go to Orb, ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES and then right click on COMMAND
PROMPT. Select run as administrator. Say OK to the UAC Prompt.

At the cursor spot type exactly (note space after the K)


Say Yes (Y) to run at next start up

Close that box down and do a reboot

It will fix any problems.

You may then need to go back to a restore point from just before the
problem started.

Report back, as you may have corrupted some system files and need to do
a repair as well


UAC = User Account Control. This is the Popup you get when you go to
run many programs or system programs. It's the one you click YES to.
Don't tell me you have UAC turned off??

Note Brink has given you a full tutorial on CHKDSK as well, so run
through that.

You may have corrupt system restore points. How many have you tried
going backwards in time?


Wish I was there to help! I think you need to try some repair work and
if that fails, back up your data and reformat and start again. While
that may sound draconian, it is only a days work to get all your
programs back and running.

Will your oldest restore point work?

I assume you have scanned for Viruses?

aka Kotuku

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Go here and follow the instructions (with pictures) to do a Repair.

If that doesn't work, and as your machine is only a month old, I suggest
you take it back to the place you bought it from, it is still under
warranty. BUT back your data up, as most will just reformat and install
as the quick option
I am suspicious you got hit by a Virus/Worm/Trojan, as the first thing
they do is block Norton's! Go to one of the Online AV Groups and do an
Online Scan.

Here is one
There are others, use GOOGLE.


The operating system disc is Gateway Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit/32-Bit with SP1 and has a warning that it erases all the data and files from the hard disc. I hesitate to attempt repair for fear of losing all. I cannot do an online scan because i lost wireless ability and am using another notebook to access you. I will see what I can do to backup data before turning to Best Buy with the machine. Thanks for your assistance.