Re: Restore from System Backup

You're going to have to un-do whatever you did to bump the drive from "G:" to "H:" - if Windows Backup can't find it where the backup where thinks it saved it, the backup will be considered corrupt and unusable.

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"ScottHarlow" <ScottHarlow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0F4BE9E4-D434-455E-887A-9C3D248EA38F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
About 2 weeks ago I did a full system back up and now I want to restore SOME
of the files from this backup. Whenever I go into the Backup and Restore
Center and attempt to do a Restore files I receive a warning that There are
no backups available on this computer. But, from the main screen I can see
that the last backup was done on 7/7/2008 and was backed up to drive "G".
This is an external hard drive and now when I connect it Windows Vista
(Ultimate) assigns it to drive "H".
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.