Re: task scheduler

In-between all the flames between Frisch and Murphy, no one replied to
Kaja's problem.
To run Disc cleanup and disc defrag; do this:
Start/Programs/Accessories/Syst Tools/Disc cleanup; likewise Defrag in same
To run error check:
My computer/right click your HD/properties/Tools.
Check box for Error check also indicate 'fix errors. Restart your comp and
error check will run; takes 30-40mintes; be patient.
Bob H.

"Kaja" <Kaja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, hope someone can help me on this Running Windows Vista Home Premium as
OS I am trying to schedule the following tasks:disk cleanup, Disk
defragmenter, and system file checker. When I go into the control panel
select create basic task it tells me to name the task and give a brief
description so I do. Then i get to a section where it asks me to pick a
program and so I hit browse but all I saw were programs on my computer.
do I find and select disc cleanup, disk defragmenter and system file
as a task? I am novice so please give mwe simple step by step
Any help would be aprreciated.