Re: Need help with SP1 install problem

I have done all that and still get error code 8024200D

"Phillips" wrote:

Try pulling out and uninstall from Device Manager whatever hardware you do
not need (USB k-board, mouse, BTooth devices, webcam, external USB ports,
sound-card etc); while in Dev Mgr see what hardware issues you might have
(yellow"!" sign). Check to have the latest BIOS and chipset drivers.

If this fails, uninstall programs that are incompatible w/ SP1 - check MS
site for a list of such programs.


"Quiksilver" <Quiksilver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Still have not got a solution to this if anyone can help still pls

and yes I have been e-mailing the sp1 support who don't know or maybe just
don't care.

"Ben" wrote:

It's same with my situation.
I think I'm getting desperate with Windows Vista, yet I've been
my OS twice since I bought this software! There is no support answering

"Pete in NM" wrote:

Here's my situation. I bought a custom gaming PC about a year ago and
it came
with Vista Home Premium 32bit. Since SP1 was released, I've tried
times to install it both through Windows Update and manually but it
fails. I looked at the information in the Knowledgebase article about
error message I was getting and it suggested running a system scan
through the command line interface which I did. The utility said that
fixed some files but I had corrupted files that it was not able to

I went out and bought an upgrade version of Vista Home Premium that
contained SP1 thinking I could just upgrade it as a workaround. No
dice, the
upgrade option is disabled unless you already have SP1 installed. It
only let me do a clean install. This brings me to my first question. If
I do
the clean install, it's going to format my HD right? I'll have to
all my software?

My second question is, does anybody know how I can get SP1 to install
on my
current installation? Any way to find and repair those supposedly

Thanks in advance


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