Re: Hard Drive Recovery Software Experts

As Mick pointed out, install the drives as slaves. Initially boot into safe
mode and turn off System Restore to these drives and set Recycle Bin to 0%
or off.
At that point, there are various programs, including free ones, that will
allow you to look at all areas of a drive to allow recovery. Problem is it
can become a phenomenal task piecing files back together. Fortunately, you
have removed them from service and these programs make good guesses, but
some files can be extremely difficult and tedious. (Hence, the high charges
by professionals.) Some of these programs can even read the various magnetic
states on the drive and allow partial recovery of files after formatting the
drive, deletion of files and yes, even overwriting of file space. (Hence,
professional wipe programs.)

An example is Handy Recovery:
This will not perform the last item mentioned above as that is only
available to a few and requires specialized training.

I'm also not sure what you consider "high priced", but some companies charge
a flat fee. (e.g. And, charge nothing if
the file(s) are not recovered.

"RoadRunner_69" <No_One_Here@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Sorry, have about 3 hard drives that windows can not read. That's why
I was looking for One Program only.

I have not had the drives plugged in for some time know, one of the
drives that has data on it windows tell me it has to be formatted
which is BS it is/ was formatted. the rest just will not read any info
on the disk.

I have downloaded that Knoppix before, some time ago, I'm
lost...that's not a hard drive recovery program on there at all that I
have found, can not find any FAQ's on it also. One drive spins up but
BIOS does not even see it, that why I'm looking for the top of the
line software. If it works cool if not oooo well...

On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 19:09:03 -0700, Mick Murphy
<MickMurphy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

More info on the state of your HD would be helpful!

Make a bootable Live CD from the above to recover Data from a failed