Re: Hard Drive Recovery Software Experts

More info on the state of your HD would be helpful!

Make a bootable Live CD from the above to recover Data from a failed windows
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"DL" wrote:

If the data is that important to you send the disk to a proffessional
recovery company
No recovery no charge
Software recovery isnt going to work if the drive failed

"RoadRunner_69" <No_One_Here@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hard Drive Recovery Software Experts

I'm Looking for the Best Hard Drive Recovery software there is out
there, Top of the line.

What software does the FBI use to recover data???

Is it available for the end user?

With all the programs out there its hard to find the best one.

I wish to Buy one.

I've been looking at:

"R Studio Data Recovery"

And "Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery"

I have not downloaded the demo yet, I wish to be well informed before
I Buy one.

Price does not mater if the program works Good. As in the best there
is out there. But at the same time I do not wish to buy any more then
one program. If it works then good, if not well then my data is gone.
I will have to just live with it and move on.

(Yes I make sure I have a real good back up now)

Yes, I know about the Pro's that recover data but I'm not paying that
high price the data is not that important.

What software do you use??

I Have two computers, one with Vista Ultimate 32 Bit and one XP Pro 32

Thanks you all !!