Re: Windows Vista SP1 - Altering Indexing options reduce boot-time?

For Me, Disabling The Index Service AND The Windows Search Service
Eliminated Much HD Thrashing. Also I Disabled (Unchecked) The Indexing
Option For My HD's.

Before I Did This I Tried Windows Desktop Search 4. It Took Quite A
While For The Index To Complete But, After That, Search Activity Was
Lower. It Still Thrashed At Boot ( In My Case, Restart) But It Wasn't So

Still, It Drove Me Nuts. Hence The Disabling Of Services.

It Still Does Some Indexing Activity, E.G. My Menu Search Has Not Been
Effected And Documents Is Still Quite Fast. However, I Now Enjoy Much
Faster Access To My Desktop And Only About 4 Minutes Of Initial
Thrashing Which Doesn't Really Affect Performance During That Time.

The Other Side Of This Is That I Usually Have Some Idea Where To Start
Searching Or I Know Where Something I Want Is. It Is Very Rare That I
Have To Search The Entire Disk.

Something To Consider, Vista Does Quite A Bit Of Pending
Renames?Deletes After Most File Operations.

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