Re: Random System Lag with Vista Home x64

crash_sc wrote:
This is a problem I've had since I bought the pc in April '08. I'll start with the specs...

HP Pavilion m9200t
Preloaded with Vista Home 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz
nVidia GeForce 8600 GT 512mb
Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
750gb Seagate SATA HD
6gb RAM

At seemingly random intervals for no apparent reason I would experiece extreme system lag. I'm talking several minutes for programs to load/close, text lag while typing, several minutes for websites to load in IE/Firefox, and 20-40 minutes bootup/shutdown times. The lag would usually clear up after a few hours or so. When I first contacted HP about the problem they asked if I would perform a virus scan first, so I ran a full system scan with Norton Internet Security. The system was very laggy when I started the scan, so I just let it run and left for a few hours. When I came back the lag was gone and the scan had removed 1 trojan. HP pinned the problem solely on the virus and has insisted that was the cause of all my lag.
The lag still randomly pops up, even though virus scans come up clean, and twice now the lag has persisted to the point where I did full System Recoveries (the lag has persisted through a System Restore). I assumed Vista was the problem and wiped the HD (except HP's recovery partition) and installed a full legal copy of XP Home. Almost as soon as the install had completed, the lag returned. Same problems, very slow program response, long shutdown/bootup times, etc...

Now my question is, after a KillDisk HD wipe and 2 OS's, is there any way this problem could be solely software related?

I guess you wasted the 6 Gb RAM going back to XP. You sound like you know what you are doing and assume it is not the machine Indexing itself?

Have you run a Memory tester on your RAM, that is common throughout your installs.

I would CERTAINLY dump Norton's. Grab a free trial of ESET Smart Security suite or Avast AV. What is your Windows Experience score when you had x64 as the OS? Are your Hard drives set to the correct setting? If you have Vista back as the OS, go here
In particular item #6 re the Hard drives.

Did you install ALL of the MoBo drivers after the re-install? Grab a copy of Driver Detective for free it will do the scan and tell you what drivers are out of date.

I had a 8600 GT card and it was very sensitive to the right driver so check what others recommend for that. Although this doesn't sound like a video card driver problem.

Have you run CHKDSK /R/F