Re: Backup error about space on Windows disk (0x81000014)

Christine help, I am having this file back-up error as well, 6/20/08 was my
last successful file back-up (auto back-up is set to weekly). I am running
Vista Ultimate 32bit and my windows route drive is 362 gigs with 270 gigs
free space and I am saving the back-ups to a 500 gig drive with a 385 gig
partition set as my j: drive with 220 gigs freespace, all drives are
formatted to NTFS. 400MB I've got that to spare? Like others, I also have
deleted my previous file back-ups and my previous complete system retore
back-up in an effort to free-up enough drive space with no sucess. My machine
did however perform the complete system back-up on 7/19/08. What gives??????
Virus, sp1 bug, screensaver settings, sleep mode interference, can it have a

"Christine [MSFT]" wrote:

Hi Mike,

Can you send me all the etl files under C:\Windows\Logs\WindowsBackup?
(remove "online" from my email address)

Also, can you send me the output of typing this command on an elevated
command prompt? (Start Menu->type "cmd"->right click->select "run as
vsssadmin list shadowstorage

Christine Fok, Program Manager, Storage Solution Division

"Mike Abrams" wrote:

No it is NTFS... and it was working fine.. and it still works fine and then
stops all of the sudden....

This just started happening.. The messahe aout the windows directory too
small (there is 400 GB free on the windows dive!)
Mike Abrams

"Bob" wrote:

Is the backup destination a FAT32 external hard drive?

"Mike Abrams" <MikeAbrams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Christine and others...

I just started getting this same error.. I deleted the old backup and
started from scratch and go it.. now several times... sometimes it took
longer than others until it stopped..

I dont know whats going on as everything was fine... sould an MS update
botched this up? Because all was fine until recent. I did run disk
but doubt that would have to do with it as I ran this before.

SOmeone please help with this

I am running Ultimate 32 bit.

Mike Abrams

"Christine [MSFT]" wrote:

Hi Laura & jmp,

Is that error a one-time issue, or has it been showing up constantly even
though there's enough space on your external HDD?


"LauraB" <LauraB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks for your reply. My guess is it's some sort of bug?
Because the next day it ran fine with no error mesages.

So I'm guessing the backups are okay, but I'd have a lot more
a backup system if it didn't give off error messages like this from

"jmp" wrote:

I have the same problem, and I see several others have reported it
found no help anywhere.

"LauraB" wrote:

I have Windows Vista Home Premium, and have been using the Backup
come with Vista. I've been performing backups of my C drive to an
harddrive (M).

For the most part the backup have been working, and I have tested
files. However today I got an error that I cannot figure out:

The last file backup did not complete succesfully. Details:
"There is not enough space on your Windows disk to prepare for
your files. At least 400MB of free space is required to continue.

I have over 183GB for free space on C. And over 297GB of free space
I'm not sure where it can't find 400MB of space in all these free


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