Re: Wake-up doesn't always work

Dave T. wrote:
When my computer goes to sleep, I can wake it up by pressing a mapped key on my keyboard. The problem is that sometimes I have to press the key 5 or 6 times before vista will wake up. This also shows up when it is time for a scheduled task to take place, such as backup. I scheduled a wake-up in task scheduler, but sometimes it fails. Can someone clue me how to trouble-shoot this problem?

Dave T.

Thanks for the replies, I have found the solution to my problem after several days of searching:

It turns out that task scheduler will not wake up the computer when the task is created in the "Create basic task" mode. The task must be created in the "Create task" mode. (Huh?) The creation in EITHER mode is identical in every respect. Same dialog boxes, everything. The only difference is that one will awake the computer from sleep, the other will not even though you can specify the wake up in either mode.

IMHO, this is a perfect example of the wrong-headed over-engineering of an application and under-engineering of the help files that Microsoft is famous for.

Dave T.

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