Re: Disable the secutiry center alert for the UAC only?

Hello Niklas, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The tutorial has been updated with Option One to disable the Security
Center alert for only UAC.

Hope this helps,

niklas;780677 Wrote:

I am new here an have checked out the tutorials section for the last
I have disabled the UAC or actually i have Elevated Administrators UAC
Privilege with this tutorial:

So now this security center tells me that the uac is disabled and so
on, and my question is, how can i turn off this specific alert so that i
will be alerted by the security center for everything else except for
uac part. I looked at this tutorial:

But it is only shown for spyware antivirus and firewall, not for the
uac part.

I want the security center to work as i usually does just that the
alert telling me uac is switched off, does not alert me any more.

Any one of you can help me?

Thanks for answeres.


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