Re: Bluescreen

h8k wrote:
Hi Charlie Tame, thx for your reply! It started a few days after I
updated the driver from the nvidia page (175.19 WHQL). I also read about
IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL caused by Kaspersky, but it also started weeks after
I upgraded to Kaspersky 2009. I didn't change anything right before
this problem started...

Well I have heard that incorrect NVidia driver install can leave you with half and half, new parts and old parts. I cannot confirm that, but I can confirm that sometimes, for no obvious reason, and install will give bad results unless done under "Clean" conditions. You can't get much cleaner than after a fresh reboot. I probably should add to that that AV software should be turned off while this is done, I have never needed to do that but perhaps if you try reinstalling then Kaspersky should be put on hold.

You will get people say "I have never had to do that" and I'm sure that is true, you can for sure "Get away" with other methods sometimes.