Re: Vista download problems

Try a downloader - there's plenty of free ones on the web - and see if it solves the issue. You can try Firefox or other browser as well. IE does not d/load files in certain conditions: "if a website tries to download files to your computer without your permission or if you requested a file but the download did not start immediately."

"Jeri5701" <Jeri5701@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:205E0560-83FF-435C-A691-FB2F552346A0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I can't seem to receive any downloads. Everytime I try to download something
from the internet, my computer goes through the act of downloading but I
can't seem to find it. Even when I give the download a specific destination,
it never shows up. Do I have a setting wrong somewhere ? Please help, I'm
going crazy!


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