Re: Constant computer freeze


Ideally, you should install XP on to it's partition, then Vista. Installing XP after Vista will "remove" the Vista bootloader leaving you with XP. If you've done this in reverse order, like I did, then you can get Vista BCD Pro for XP and that should allow you to dual boot.

make sure you don't have any viruses. trojan.vundo made vista freeze and crash a lot.

"Opiate46" <Opiate46@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:59191AA3-837F-4F64-904D-F70589A08CCC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ok cool I'll give that a shot. Is there a way to set up my PC to dual-boot
either XP or Vista? I'm not too savvy on that. I just installed XP again and
everything seems to be running fine. All hardware drivers are installed and
no freezes.

"Steve Thackery" wrote:

I agree with Rick Rogers - this sounds just like a hardware problem. As
well as the things he suggests, it could be overheating. I'd check all the
fans are running.