Re: Refresh Screen problem with screen

Hello "JW"
We tried updating the drivers - kept getting an error message saying that
because it was a laptop, it couldn't be done!!!

We went to where we buy our games from, mentioned the proplem to him and he
said it sounded as if it was the virtual memory not clearing out. Being more
computer savvy than hubby I had a feeling it was that. He's not the sort to
listen when he's made his mind up about something and is usually peering over
my shoulder.

The guy at the shop is a PC game tech and a computer tech. He'd had the same
thing happen with one of his games and recommended that we download some
software program that fixes it. So I will be asking for a link to download it
in another question.

Thank you everyone who has been giving us the help they have. Thank you JW,


"JW" wrote:

You should be able to get the latest drivers for the Nvidia card/chip for
your laptop at the Acer Website. Actually laptops do use cards instead of
chips mounted on their MOBOS so they can offer laptops with different chips.
However, the laptop has to be completely taken apart to change the
What model Nvidia chip does the laptop have?
You can also check at for a driver update.
"Frenchy" <invalid@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Anne wrote:
My hubby has the Acer 6920G laptop and has the problem of the screen
freezing and then flickering during game play on it. Acer have said this
is a gaming machine wich an NVidia graphic card but it's a chip.

How do we get driver updates for the NVidia chip? NVidia says chips
cannot not be updated!

My hubby is threatening the throw the laptop and all games in the bin -
please help us.

In Vista, Right click on a clear area of the screen and select

Click THEME and change to, say WINDOWS CLASSIC

From the Same PERSONALIZE Menu, select WINDOWS COLOR & APPEARANCE Take the
tick OUT of the ENABLE TRANSPARENCY (if it is ticked) and then click the
"Open classic appearance properties for more color options"

Select WINDOWS VISTA BASIC (I am assuming the Aero is selected)

Cleick on EFFECTS on this same screen and take the ticks out of "show
shadows under menus" and Show windows content when dragging"

CLICK APPLY to get out.

All the above are lowering the background load on your Laptops graphics
card and will help.

One more thing, you should be able to access the NVIDIA Control panel,
either from the right hand tray icon or from right click menu on desktop.
If you can, in there select 3D settings and then select "Adjust image
settings with preview" Click to select "Let the 3D application decide".
Click APPLY at the bottom to get out of there.

What you have not said, is what games hubby is trying to run. Many
slightly older games require a tweak to run under Vista. After you have
tried the above, right click on the game Icon on the screen and select
PROPERTIES and then select the COMPATIBILITY Tab. Try selecting "Run this
program in compatibility mode for WinXP2" APPLY and try the game from
double clicking that icon. If that doesn't work go back to the
COMPATIBILITY tab and ALSO select "Run as administrator". If that doesn't
help go back again and take out the run as XP2 and just leave the
Administrator. You have to fiddle with these.

Above all, as someone else said, try lowering the quality settings within
the game controls. Lower Anti aliasing to 2 or zero for a start. You
should know your Laptop native resolution (Right click desktop, and then
PERSONALIZE and then display settings. Try running the game in the SAME
resolution as your laptop.

Report back, especially with what game(s) are giving problems and I will
post some more ideas