Re: Unsolvable?

"Operating system not found" is your computers way of saying it can't find a drive to boot from. See if there are any CDs, DVDs, or floppys in the drives. - remove them and restart.

If you can get to the BIOS, check the drive order.

Find someone with a bootable disk (hopefully the same OS as yours) to test your computer, before going to hardware.

- sneaky old tech support.

"joaboo" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:e1d83e7c0c46265ce2ffd38be6d5794d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have bought a neat little laptop 3rd hand.
It has no disc, back up, restore point (i know i know!)
I have used it for a few weeks without any problems.
I *-think-* it may have been knocked by one of the kids and now I can't
get into vista.
Infact I can't get to anything!
Please help, I'm a complete tech~virgin :o

On power up it flashes up with "press f2 or f11" then it turns off an
on repeatedly?
I managed to get to a "report this problem" ( I don't know how?) and it
said that the operating system could not be found.

Any ideas?