Re: my taskbar and desktop icons disappear!

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 05:50:00 -0700, Nile
<Nile@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

How can I click on 'Start' icon if my taskbar is not showing... is there any
other way I can access the System Restore function.

Mick wasn't thinking (that happens to him sometimes).

Start the Task Manager again and choose to start a new task.

At the command prompt, type rstrui.exe, and then press ENTER

Choose a restore point that is earlier than when this began.

"Mick Murphy" wrote:

Do a System Restore to before this happened.

Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Courtzilla" wrote:

I don't know what happened, but for some reason, when I log onto my account
on my computer, my deskptop will load with the taskbar at the bottom and my
icons lined up at the top, like usual. But then all of a sudden, everything
disappears and all I am left to look at is my wallpaper. Whenever I click on
the wallpaper, nothing happens and when I press any button on the keyboard,
nothing happens either. I am able to get onto the internet by pressing
CTRL+ALT+Delete and getting onto the task manager and typing in a new task to
get to a website. The last thing i can remember that might have had something
to do with this was when I had to spy sweep my computer. I thought that after
sweeping it, things might go back to normal, but nothing happened. I am very
confused and not too good with computers, but I need to know what I can do to
fix this problem. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!