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Click start and type CMD, then right click the entry in the start menu and choose 'run as administrator'. From the prompt, run sfc /scannow.

If you are unable to run these, restart the system and hit F8 at boot to access the boot menu. Choose safe mode with command prompt, this should eliminate interference from whatever virus or malware (they are the most likely causes of your problems) and allow the file verification process to run.

You will likely want to run full scans with updated antivirus software as well.

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"srrehak" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:b8553524378a433630b6f5781bab2dca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

First off, I have not installed anything recently (windows update might
have, but I have not added any new programs), I am running vista 64

Whenever I run my computer now, I am unable to run virtually any
program. For some reason internet explorer 64, my sidebar and some
windows apps work, but for the most part nothing will run. The error
that I get is a side by side configuration error.
After reading here and scouring the internet I ran sxstrace.exe and
while it finds tons of errors it cant fix them, even when run in safe
mode with elevated privileges.

I then downloaded vcredlist to fix the issue, but unfortunately it is
an .exe and wont run. Now, rolling back to a previous state doesnt fix
the problem, and I cant do a repair install because I dont have access
to a disk, and cant burn my .iso due to the whole cant run any programs

Any ideas for how I can fix the computer to run more than just basic
functionality>? Any help is appreciated.



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