Re: monitor is blank on laptop after i switch it on.


Try hitting F8 as soon as the system first initializes to get the boot menu, then choose safe mode. If that starts ok, then restart the system normally from there.

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"shani" <shani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:9E3DF2D5-9571-4CC6-A5F1-2C4DE5FC9AB0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Please can someone help i have tried to switch on my husbands laptop and it
starts up ok with the tune but the screen is blank! ive tried pressing the F
buttons but stil nothing! please can anyone help? It was ok when i used it
last night i shut it down i think or put it into hibernate mode and today it
wont show anything on the screen!!! thankyou in advance for your help. shani.