Re: Disk Defragmenter Schedule Not Working!!

BillD;775044 Wrote:
"Brink" wrote:

Do you have your computer running, not in sleep mode or off, at the
scheduled time?

If not, then Option Two in this tutorial will show you how to set
Defragmenter to wake up your computer from a sleep mode to run. > >

it's not necessary to do that, because If the computer is turned off
or if
the task does not run at the scheduled time, the task will run the
next time
that the computer is idle.
'Features of the Windows Vista hard disk defragmentation utility'

Hi BillD,

Yes, that is true. Thank you for mentioning it. It can be handy to have
it set to wake up the computer to run and finish when you know you are
not using the computer though. This way it does not have to wait on the
computer to be idle or at low usage.

Thank you again,


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