Anitvirus 2009

Hi ... I took a quick scan through the posts and haven't seen this problem so any advice would be appreciated.

Last week, I installed Windows Updates to my computer as requested ... As part of this update, Anitvirus 2009 was installed on my computer. It immediately scanned my computer and reported that there were 40+ critical viruses and malware programs running on my computer, did I want to remove them? Of course I was a little shocked, since every time McAfee runs a scan, it finds nothing. I said yes, remove the viruses & malware programs, then instead of removing the programs I was taken to a pop-up that said it was going to cost me $50 U.S. ... so I thought forget this cash-grab, McAfee has found nothing, and my computer is running perfectly. No problems anywhere.

However, now EVERY SINGLE site I visit on the Internet is blocked by this friggin' program -- I try accessing an Internet site about needlework for pity's sake and get an error page that the site is blocked because it may contain malicious software. I can usually get to the site if I reload it but it's driving me nuts.

I've tried to remove it, but I can't find the program. I can't turn it off. I've been searching for the past hour or so and haven't been able to find any information about this program or how to get rid of it or even how to configure/control it. Frankly, I'm thinking that this is the malware program.

I'm extremely angry that Microsoft would list this as a critical update for my computer. Not being the most computer savvy person, I trust Microsoft to inform me what's critical and what is an option and I also trust they won't have me download malicious software as part of their updates. How stupid of me!

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thanks very much,