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What do you do if you think that there are duplicate back up files files of
the same programs in your "D Drive" which may cause it to run slow or slower
than usual? I believe when my wife was up my comp,I think she accidently did
just this.

Drive D: 6.49GB is 14% free

Is it possible to remove these duplicate back up files?If so,How do I check
this & do just that so my comp can run better & faster?

In all probability, your D: drive is a partition that contains an
image of the operating system which your computer's manufacturer put
there so you can reload it if necessary.

Check your documentation to be sure I'm right. Assuming that I am,
your wife didn't have anything to do with it. Leave this partition
alone, and do nothing to it, other than following the manufacturer's
instructions to make a CD copy of it.

Whether or not I'm right about what it is, it's not causing your
computer to run slower. Look elsewhere for the cause of your
performance problems. Start by telling us what firewall, anti-virus,
and anti-spyware protection you use.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
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