Diskeeper 2008 causing Vista crashing?

I got Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier a while back hoping to keep my laptop
in good shape. Then I performed a system update which included the
update of some Intel drivers for disk management and wireless network
management. As a result my laptop started freezing a while after going
into screen saver mode. I spent a few days on the phone with IBM/
Lenovo support and Microsoft support to resolve this issue. They could
not solve it, but I stumbled onto the solution when I noticed that the
hard drive was very active after going into the screen saved mode,
which made me realize that the automatic defragmentation of Diskeeper
was kicking in. When I disabled that automatic defragmentation the
problem was gone. I then uninstalled and reinstalled Diskeeper at
Diskeeper's direction which resolved the issue entirely. Diskeeper
still won' admit that there is an issue between Vista driver updates
and Diskeeper, but I know what happened to me. It took me a few days
of wasted time, so I figured I would post my experiences.