Re: Vista crashes CONSTANTLY

Unfortunately that's vista for you. A very unreliable OS. This is why most businesses don't use it.



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my four pekingnese

"Bek" wrote:

In fact I bet Vista crashes while I am typing this message. It will either
just freeze and purple and yellow stripes go down the screen, or I'll get the
blue screen of death and it'll reboot. When it freezes up I usually have to
turn the computer off, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on. Vista crashes
at least 6 or 7 times a day. I originally upgraded, then when it crashed all
the time I did a clean install, but it is 8still* happenng. My copy is Vista
Home Premium. I spent good $$ on tihs but its been nothing more than a pain!
I'malmost ready to go back to XP. Someone please help!


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