Re: Deleting .ttf on Desktop

Demichan wrote:

Thank you very much, Malke. Safe mode didn't do anything; I tried Unlocker
[which was installed in my computer but there was a misunderstanding about
the commands before]. Unlocker deleted most of the annoying TTF on my
desktop and there was a message that the rest could / would be erased
during restart, but after restarting, I see them accupying the same space
as before. I shall keep on trying, something got to give...

Try Safe Mode Command Prompt. Make a note of the file names and then boot
into Safe Mode Command Prompt (the same way you got to Safe Mode). Navigate
to C:\Users\[your-user-name]\Desktop. Now at the command prompt:

del [name-of-font].ttf [enter]

If your Windows install isn't on C:\, obviously substitute the correct drive

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