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Hi Gary,

The file is ntoskrnl.exe, and it's a core operating system file. If it's corrupt or missing you have a major problem. Quite often though, this error is a symptom of a different problem. You stated that you made no recent changes to hardware/software, but have you accounted for driver updates and updates to programs like your antivirus software? There is also the possibility that you may be experiencing a hardware failure, this is not uncommon in a new system. If such is the case, the system should still be under warranty and Sony should be contacted.

Have you tried accessing the boot menu by hitting F8 at startup? If so, have you tried loading Safe mode or the Last known good configuration?

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"Gary" <Gary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:EEDC5820-460D-4509-A2E6-B230FDA88323@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have the Sony VAIO VGN NR260E.
When booting up my lap top an error shows that windons failed to start a
recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

I have not installed any new software or hardware on my LT. Now it is
asking for a file ntoskrn1.exe status 0xc0000098
windows failed to load because a required file is missing, or corrupt.

Any help would be great. I do not have a windows vista disc as it was all
preloaded when I brought the LT in March 2008