Re: This Copy of Windows is not genuine

And what does Sony say? its their version of Vista on their hw

"_Snake_" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I am having the same problem as of yesterday. However, my story is a bit

I got a virus few days ago, and yesterday I ran a full system scan (in
dos) before booting the windows (vista). After the scan finished &
infected files were deleted, Windows Vista booted and as it was doing so
some screen popped up displaying the pros/advantages of getting a
genuine copy of windows. Anyways, when I got to the desktop, it showed
the exact same message in the bottom right corner, as the thread starter
had mentioned:

Windows Vista came (already installed) with my Sony Vaio, which I
bought some time last summer (before June). And if you think I am making
this up (or if my copy really is ungenuine), I can take a picture of the
MS-Vista / Sony chip/card embedded beneath my laptop (proof of license),
and post it here (of course, with the product key blackened out).

So.. does anyone know how to fix this issue?



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