Re: This Copy of Windows is not genuine

Not sure what this post is about since the first post in this thread doesn't
have copy, however I can guess since I had the issue last night after trying
to install the Windows update KB950582. It downloaded, restarted tried to
install, shut down, said it was "improperly configured" and tried to roll
back. Rebooted and got the "Windows not genuine" screen.

Boot to safe mode and you can get in to your restore point. Restoring
brought things back to normal. Rebooting from last known good configuration
did not work.

Still haven't figured out how to install the update.

"_Snake_" wrote:

I am having the same problem as of yesterday. However, my story is a bit

I got a virus few days ago, and yesterday I ran a full system scan (in
dos) before booting the windows (vista). After the scan finished &
infected files were deleted, Windows Vista booted and as it was doing so
some screen popped up displaying the pros/advantages of getting a
genuine copy of windows. Anyways, when I got to the desktop, it showed
the exact same message in the bottom right corner, as the thread starter
had mentioned:

Windows Vista came (already installed) with my Sony Vaio, which I
bought some time last summer (before June). And if you think I am making
this up (or if my copy really is ungenuine), I can take a picture of the
MS-Vista / Sony chip/card embedded beneath my laptop (proof of license),
and post it here (of course, with the product key blackened out).

So.. does anyone know how to fix this issue?



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