Re: 8 gb RAM w/ D975XBX2 + Vista 64 = No Go :-(

On Sun, 6 Jul 2008 07:57:11 -0700, "Drew" <sheba3169@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am running 64bit and agreed I had problems with all ram not showing until
swapped for matched ram...I honestly do not know why but it worked so I am
not complaining


I don't think I'm having a problem with matched RAM but rather a chipset that
simply cannot support 8GB RAM. Are you saying that you have a D975XBX2 board
running Vista64 w/ 8GB RAM and it's stable??

If so.... what RAM?

I'm about to dump this board and start all over with an Asus P5E WS Pro X38 DDR2
board. You'll save me a lot of trouble if you can confirm that this Intel board
can indeed work. But info I've gleened elsewhere suggests the ONLY RAM that will
work in an 8GB configuration would be (might be) memory based on 1GB chips which
is rare and afaik VERY $$$.

So... tell me more ;-)



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