Re: 0x080070570 in Vista Home Premium with SP1

Just so you know, you can go to and type your error number
into the search box.
This produces:

The article seems to indicate this error is Windows 2003 Server or XP issue,
but gives instructions on how to manually do the same thing in Vista.
Remember to use elevated command prompts.

"Peter" <Peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I get 0x080070570 when I try to either copy or transfer a file from
hard drives. It affects ALL files and is getting to be a pain. It does not
stop the files from working, but just stops the transfer to another drive.
have 5 drives in all and the other 3 are fine. There is only Vista on the
system and I want to transfer files that I wish to keep and wipe the rest
with a fresh installation of Vista on another [Drive 6].
Anyone got any suggestions..................................please!!