Re: Office 2003 / 2007 slow in opening documents from network shar


The file server used is Windows server 2008. Is there anyone have the same
problem? Anyone....


"Emmanuel" wrote:

Anymore suggestions out there please...Thanks

"Emmanuel" wrote:

Thanks Hans,

I've check all those steps before I lodge this querry. I even remove all
printers. The shared drives were mapped through GPO and administer through
Vista. No error message pops-up as well as on event logs.

The process of opening NEW files created on from Vista through office 2003
or 2007 is terrible.

"Hans-Georg Michna" wrote:

On Thu, 26 Jun 2008 23:13:02 -0700, Emmanuel wrote:

I noticed that it takes about 40 seconds to open a 25KB of file like xls or
doc under vista and it get worst if user will open a large document file.
Does anyone have experience this problem? Any fix? Basically the OS is a
fresh install of Vista SP1 enterprise with Office 2003 (some office 2007 with
the same problem). No policy applied and no security (AV & firewall) applied
yet. We use Lenovo desktop series 6072/6073 machine. Full online update to
microsoft doesn't solve as well the problem. No significant error message in
event viewer as well.

I'm trying to solve this matter for almost a week now and it drives me
insane. Can anyone please help?


a possible cause could be nonexistent network printers. Office
programs query printers when opening documents. Check which
printers are set up in the Office programs.

There are several other possible causes though, like nonexistent
network shares or a misconfigured file server. Which operating
system is running on the file server?

No mail, please.