Re: Stops Working

MichaelBN <MichaelBN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

By now it should be obvious that, under the Vista operating system, I have
Home Premium, there is a severe overall, general "has stopped working"

Thus far I've experienced:
"Internet Explorer has stopped working"
"Windows Explorer has stopped working"
"Word has stopped working"
"Sherlock Holmes Nemesis (Adventure Company) has stopped working"
"Outlook has stopped working"
"Acid 4.0 (Sony) has stopped working"
"Acid 6.0 (Sony) has stopped working"
"Sound Forge (Sony) has stopped working"

Is it not obvious by now that Vista has a problem, maybe a compatability
problem, with everything from Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word to third
party programs which cause programs, as I mentioned, even programs made by
Microsoft, to "stop working"?


Let me repeat that in case you missed it: NO.

Is there no an overall "stopped working" patch or something that Microsoft
has released by now?

That is a really dumb question. REALLY dumb.

Could it possibly be that Vista's OK, but every program that runs within its
system has suddenly gone bad, even those produced by Microsoft?

Another dumb question.

In looking through the forum, I see other users asking about certain
individual programs and applications that have "stopped working".

When I asked specifically about Word, I was told that there are probably
Word "temp" files on my computer that I needed to find and delete. However,
I purchased a brand new Gateway laptop and within a few days, Word stopped

You obviously are cursed.

Are there Sony Acid temp files or Sherlock Holmes game temp files that my
wife or I have to find and delete?

I submit that there's a, and here's my non technical side coming out,
"glitch", for lack of a better non techie term, in Vista the operating system
that, if discovered and fixed via an update or a patch would be a general fix
for the very general "stopped working" problem.

Don't repeat dumb questions.

When one is working under a deadline or one's work is time sensitive, one
can not be fighting programs which stop and start working over and over
again. And coming here and asking about every other program which "stops
working" is extremely time consuming and can be even expensive.

Please tell me that you've solved this problem, in general.

I must have solved it here because I don't have that problem. Even
with Word... an OLD VERSION of Word.

By the way: your use of "you" seems to indicate that you think this is
an official Microsoft area for reporting problems and getting

News flash: it's not. It's a peer-to-peer group where folks who
aren't cursed - as you are - try to help those that are.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Bonanno