Re: 8 gb RAM w/ D975XBX2 + Vista 64 = No Go :-(

I am running 64bit and agreed I had problems with all ram not showing until swapped for matched ram...I honestly do not know why but it worked so I am not complaining

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On Sun, 29 Jun 2008 07:12:53 -0700, "Drew" <sheba3169@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been running this board since Vista came out and with the same specs
and I am very happy with it ....Intel q6600 8gigs of MATCHED Kingston HyperX
ddr800 and 3 Ati 3870 video cards..

Hi Drew.

Are you running Vista 32bit or 64bit?

I agree that with WinXP-Pro (32bit) (and I assume with Vista 32 bit) this board
runs great, rock solid, even with all 8mb installed. It's only when I try to use
it with Vista64, which can actually use more than 3.25 GB RAM, does it fail.

With the news that the next version of Photoshop will be 64bit

we're going to see a lot more folks using motherboard features they thought they
had paid for, only to discover those features do not work. And what's the point
of a 64 bit version of Photoshop with only 2-3 GB of RAM to use when that's what
32 bit Photoshop (CS3) already does with Vista 32 bit?

Folks seem to have an easier time of using 8 GB RAM with Vista 64 with newer x38
chipset boards where many often a setting in the bios to enable 'Memory
Remapping'. This feature is also addressed in the Microsoft KB article:

There is no 'Memory Remapping' setting in the D975XBX2 bios now from what I've
seen any other boards based on the 975X chipset. I do see this on other brands
of motherboard (such as Asus) and the memory remapping feature seems to be one
of the recommended features needed according to some 'how-to >8GB RAM' online

I'm assuming you're using 8gb RAM in Vista 32 which is not where the problems
lay. Bottom line is that unless someone online can come up with the solution or
Intel can come up with a fix soon (a bios update?) to get this board working
with 8 GB in Vista 64 it looks like I'll have to get something else that works.

Ans as far as buying different RAM: I already files with Kingston and am now
using the exact 2GB modules Intel recommends on their support page for this
board. If I did not then they would deny any responsibility for this issue as I
would not be using their approved memory.