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On the screeen (dual core) for CPU useage there are two CPU useage histories.

If you configure it so, then yes.

Which CPU is 'CPU useage' referring to? Simarly in "Processes' is the CPU
the sum of the two CPUs or one of them, or adjust equivalent to one of them.

This is the CPU resources that the application is using, over the total
CPU resources available.

In other words, a single threaded application (or an application locked
to one processor) using 100% of a single processor will report 50%
(well, actually probably 49%) in the Performance tab in Task Manager.

The reason I ask is that when re-building the index, I note that the idle
process never goes below 84%, and the "CPU use history' is around 8-9%. So
this implies that

1) Indexing is really slow

Yes, intentionally so to avoid causing performance issues for the user.
Stop touching the computer for a couple minutes and you may see this
pick up a bit.

2) It uses both CPUs, but very little

Also true.

3) Tweaking the priority to 'high' doesn't do anyting with useage.

Nor should it. Unless your system is starved for resources (running at
100% CPU) priorities don't mean anything.

I would appreciate any comments on how to use the Performance graph or how
to tweak indexing using the task manager..

What is the problem you're experiencing? Is the index not keeping up
with your changes?