Re: Won't let me chkdsk /f in admin

Xenomorph;767153 Wrote:
You need to post a tutorial to run chkdsk??

The original poster got a message that says "You have to invoke this
utility running in elevated mode."

It is as simple as running CMD in elevated mode (as Admin) and then
"chkdsk /f"

Does a tutorial really have to be written for that??

Hi Xenomorph,

In addition to that part, the tutorial also shows you different methods
on how to run chkdsk and how to run the different chkdsk command
options. It helps on differnet levels for what someone may need help
with on chkdsk.

Sometimes the simpler things are not always as obvious for people just
starting out with computers, so I try to include everything in the
tutorials for all levels of experience to make it easy to understand for



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