Individualised internet shortcut icons have been replaced by generic "big-e"

Vista 32 - IE 7

For the past 6 months the internet shortcut icons which I have dragged
from various webpages onto my desktop have kept their unique

Now, however, they have all reverted to the standard, generic, default
"big-e" icon - no doubt due to an accidental change of Setting.

If I drag an individualised icon directly from the Address field of an
open web-page to my Links or my Quick Launch toolbar, it keeps its
individual appearance. If I drag it to the Desktop, it reverts to the
default "big-e"

I know it is possible for Vista Home Premium 32 / IE7 to display these
individual icons, as they have worked fine on my setup for 6 months.

How do I get all internet shortcuts placed on the Desktop to show the
individualised icon specific to each site ?

Many thanks for your help