Re: Desktop & taskbar not showing up and as a result a number of programs doesn't run

The key was exactly the one that you had mentioned.

I did not change change the key, rather the value that already existed
was needed to be changed to just explorer.exe (the one that you

The value that existed was "Explorer.exe
C:\WINDOWS\Config\csrss.exe" without the quotes.

What was that extra bit of parameter doing there?

Thanks again. I would have never noticed it if it wasn't for you

BurrWalnut;670287 Wrote:
If the key I suggested you changed was OK, what key did you change?

I need to know for my records.

Thank you.

"mihafiz" wrote:

Thanks a million!!!

I tried BurrWalnut's solution before going on to trying Hans-Georg
Michna's solution.

BurrWalnut's solution worked with a little modification and I did not
have to go through the repair installation procedure :)

The registry entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon already existed with the value
C:\WINDOWS\Config\csrss.exe" in Shell REZ_SG with out the quotes.
I just changed it to "explorer.exe" and restarted the system.

Thanks again.

BurrWalnut;669803 Wrote: -
This may help:
Click the Windows Orb (Start), type regedit, press Enter and
registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. In the right pane, make sure there is a
named Shell and it has a value of "explorer.exe" (no quotation
it�s not there, create it by clicking Edit New String Value
right-click it and key in explorer.exe then restart the computer.

If the Windows Orb (Start) is missing, open regedit via Task Manager

pressing Ctrl + Shift +Esc then on the Applications Tab click
Task� at
the bottom, type regedit.exe and press Enter.

"mihafiz" wrote:


I fell into a serious problem.
I use Vista Home premium on my MSI notebook.
Now it doesnot show up desktop and taskbar and many programs like
messenger, DU meter etc. stops or gives error. How do I bring back
desktop and taskbar? I tried system restore but it did not solve the

Now here is what happened just before this problem showed up:
As I was leaving for my university I turned off the system. I closed
the lid, took off the power cable and went away. As it was raining
heavily, I did not feel like taking it along. After about four
came back to find the orange battery light blinking indicating that
system had gone hibernating upon reaching critical battery. I
in the cable and resumed windows.
As soon as I logged into my user, I found that the system was asking
whether to close firefox and MS word 2007 that were open at the time
intended to shut down the system. I guess, over security is not
appreciable. Anyway, i clicked yes and it took some time to
automatically close the two programs which otherwise would have
me seconds to manually close them. As I waited, the screen was
darkened as usual by that windows message. I clicked twice on the
taskbar. It flashed on both occasions and then shut down.

Then I restarted the system. Everything was just as before until the
login screen came. It was normal too. I logged it took more
time than usual showing the 'Welcome' message and then a blank
came up and a second later my documents folder showed up with no
desktop and taskbar. The problem commenced. I tried to open du meter
and yahoo messenger and a few other programs using the task manager,
all failed. MSN messenger opened, MS office opened and a few other
regular ones opened fine from the task manager. However, after
several tens of times, i couldn't bring the desktop or the taskbar
back. I tried system restore to about a month earlier too but
happened. I tried to log in as another valid user, it gave exactly
same problem. I created a new user and then logged in... the same

I really need help now. I do not want to re-install the OS and go
through the pain of installing the drivers again and all those
registration and stuffs.

I really need help to get back the desktop and taskbar.
Please do help if you can.