Re: Restoring XP Restore Point from Vista?

Let me get this straight, you still have your copy of XP on another partition on your hard drive? If this is the case, when you installed Vista Windows Vista overwrote the XP bootloader. XP is still there, its just that, at the moment, you can't see it. Use VistaBootPro (Manage OS Entries Tab) to add XP to the bootloader menu and then you should be able to boot into either XP or Vista.


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"Ruwiten7" <Ruwiten7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3DEC82FA-BCAA-4330-A767-D76BDA38276F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for being here to assist, and I hope this is the correct group. I've
been running XP Pro for quie some time and recently installed Vista using
Partition Magic and have also installed Vista BootPro. I planned a full
migration of all of my data from XP today but cannot boot into XP for some
reason. I was going to export or save vital data from XP, so this is quite a
bummer. I cannot enter Safe Mode nor use Last Known Good Config options for
XP. My box makes it up to the "Starting Windows" screen and hangs there.
After exporting the data I require from XP and saving to disk I was going to
manually install all of my progs into Vista (Quite a plan for the 4th, huh?)
Is there a method to utilize an XP Restore Point from Vista to enable me to
boot into XP?
Thanks in advance for any assistance you may provide!