Re: What Absolute Junk Vista Ultimate 64 bit OS is

If you have your Vista partition setup as 200GB you must be some kind of "special"

That's nothing to brag about since any intelligent user limits the size of the OS partition to only the needed amount to help prevent fragmentation. The intelligent user would then divide up the remaining disk space amongst various uses.

For instance I have 2TB of HD space in my system.

My Vista partition is 40GB and even that's a little larger than I should have made it. I then have a programs partition and a games partition. Another partition is setup to handle only downloaded files and documents. Beyond that the rest is all backup storage in case of a system failure.

My Performance and Reliability Monitor rates the system at an 8.4. The only reason why it's that low is due to some older applications that I use occasionally hanging. There are newer versions that I could upgrade to for free, but I just haven't taken the time. So that's my fault and not the fault of the OS.

Then again I have a feeling that you're just trolling for fun.

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You must not be running much software on your pc with your listed 160GB Seagate hard drive. I have a total of 4TB internally!! My vista ultimate partition alone is 200GB.

Are you running a business on your PC?

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lol...... user error

vista x64 is solid !!!!!!!
what motherboard did you say it was...?

here's mine running nearly everything i once :shock:

|Filename: my god.JPG |


E2180 @ 3.2ghz
arctic cooler pro 775
4GB gskill HZ @ 1050mhz
Asus P5K premium
160GB seagate 7200
coloursit 600w psu
PNY 8800GT 512mb