Re: DVD burner problems with vista home premium


I solved it by deleting some registry keys. I went to the Vista help and support website and followed directions. I searched using Blue Screen.

"Spirit" <noone@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OxRlsRB3IHA.2336@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Try RESTORE if you can go back before the error started happening.

IF that does not work or is not possible then boot into Safe Mode
then Device Manager and DELETE the drive. Reboot and let it
reload the drivers.

By chance did you load any program that might have been the cause
of the problem?

"Rosemary" <Rose1095@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:7DD3CC98-F427-486D-83CC-0D3477786044@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am unable to use my DVD/CD writer. When I insert a disc, a blue screen
appears and the computer reboots. The blue screen mentions something about
a fatal error.

What should I do?