Re: Vista Hacked

You may want to take this one step further and monitor the type of traffic
that is being discarded by your firewall. This can be done by enabling security
logging using the steps outlined below:

1. Click Start, All Programs, and Administrative Tools.
2. Select Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
3. Click Windows Firewall Properties.
4. Click one of the profile tabs, such as Public Profile.
5. Click the Customize button within the Logging area.
6. Enable firewall logging from the dialog box that appears.
7. Click OK.

Once you enable security logging, information is written to a log file
that is stored in the Windows directory.

Carey Frisch
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<S.Quickness@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Internet Explore and Windows Host Process Server on my computer are
attempting to connect multiple times a day (20 or more) to numerous ip addresses across a wide viriety of ports in the 45000's.
I have been unable to close the processes. The Internet Explorer
process has been running as a seperate program that I am unable to see
and uses 45,000k of ram. It is also not possible for me to shut the
program down. I have nine svchost.exe (windows host process services)
running which are also attempting to communicate with
These events are of great concern to me as I work for a financial firm
and keep large amounts of proprietary knowledge on my computer. Can
anyone help me determine if in fact I was hacked? If I was hacked, I
am not looking to have this issue repaired, I want evidence to take to
the police so that I do not need to deal with these hassles again.