Re: Problems with Windows Vista

"Kay" <Kay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:5603D18C-43A3-44D9-81FF-3A223E481FB2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am having problems with Vista in that it hangs up all the time, it takes
for ever to go from one internet page to another. I have downloaded the
updates from Microsoft the past couple of days and one is going now.
I have emptied all the necessary files, cookies, temporary files, etc. I
have tried to do a restore on the computer and have been told that I have not
done a restore before so I don't have a date to go back to. I HAVE done a
couple of restores, but they have disappeared for some reason.
I started having trouble 2-3 days ago after downloading new updates. Is
anyone experiencing problems with their Vista?
I also have a registry cleaner that I have used many times before with no
problems afterwards.
I need help!!!

Some system specifications would be nice....


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