Re: Complete System backup

No, you don't. But, you do want to have a place to store the backup. Either on a different system, external drive, DVD's, etc... Otherwise, if the system goes down, taking the hard drives too, then your backup is gone.

But, you can backup over the network, on to DVD's, or an internal drive. Just make sure it's safe!


Dustin Harper
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"Templar" <Templar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:7B061A7D-0595-419E-A399-4D481FCDFE2A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have 3 systems on a domain, SBServer 2003, Vista Business SP1, and XP Pro
SP3. There is a total of 1.2 TB of combined Internal storage. Plenty of
room for a complete system backup. Do I have to buy an external drive to get
the backup?

Reluctant Earthling