Re: Vista and XP workgroups

"Malke" <malke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The LLTD Responder only allows the XP box to appear on Vista's network map.
It has nothing to do with making file/printer sharing actually *work*. It's

Thanks for your comments, but I don't agree with your statement saying that it's
simply a cosmetic fix. I've used this approach on two systems (one was mine),
which had the same problem as stated by the OP, and it solved the problem
without going through the time-consuming network troubleshooting steps and
tweaking one's firewall settings. I've also suggested this approach to others in
these MS newsgroups and they had similar success with it.

I hope that your comments to me hasn't deterred the OP from trying my approach
to this problem.

I believe in simplicity. If my approach doesn't work, only then is more time and
effort justified. IMO, computers (like automobiles) shouldn't take up more of
one's time to fix rather then to use.