Re: Connect to the network manually

If there is more than one computer on the Network the other computers would be in trouble if the authentication is taken away from the Router.
The solution has to come from the specific computer and Not from a device that is essential to the whole system.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).

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You mentioned that your connection is through a "riger". The Riger is a modem with router that can connect using any one of several methods. One of these is Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPOE).

If that is what your provider supplies, it would be usual to have the connection information (such as which phone company circuit to use, the addresses of DNS servers) and user information (such as user/pass) in the modem/router. If that is done, the connection is maintained as long as the router is powered-on and is automatically re-established if the modem/router is cycled off-on. The modem/router runs through a script which, among other things, automatically supplies the user/pass to re-establish connection .

If the router/modem is connected to your provider by a different, "always on" ADSL, the connection is always present as long as the device is on. If it is powered off and then on, the connection is re-established by a pre-progmmed recovery process. No user name or password is required or possible in that setup.

The service types are mutually exclusive: if your connection is PPPOE, you cannot simply change to "always on"; if service is "always on", you cannot change to PPPOE. Some providers can supply both but to change you from one type to the other involves changes at their end,

It is also possible that the Internet connection uses a dial-up modem between the Riger and the phone line.

All of these connections, ultimately involve an actual POTS (telephone company) line.

Alternately, you might be using a cable or satellite service connection.

So, given what you wrote in your previous posts, I dangerously supposed that it was most likely that you connected through your modem/router using PPOE. I further supposed that the setup could be modified so that the modem/router did not give the sign-in information but that it would be in your computer. In that way, the connection would die when you signed off that computer and would be re-established when you signed it on. Further, you could set it either not to attempt a log-on until you manually initiated it or else to initiate a connection but to request the password.

Ultimately, what I am telling you is that I cannot help further until you give me details about your setup of computer-router-modem-connection.


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sry i dont get what you mean but can you give me steps? i use
theethernet cable and my cable does not involve adsl besides my
telephone line.