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I have tyried everything that you mentioned. I trieed to download the driver and it acted like it was downloading until the end and then nothing happened. I got through the "do you want to run" and I said yes. It showed that it was downloading but then ...nothing. I can't find it anywhere on my computer and when I tried to save it, I was told that I don't have permission. Restore was unsuccessful. No wireless shows on Device manager. I even removed the card cover, verified that it was seated and not dirty/dusty. And here is the latest. At some time during the last 24 hours, I have done something that made a difference. The internet button on the front is now Blue. Still no wireless internet. I am still using ethernet. I have been trying to keep notes of my adventure. Below is what my notes say. I hope I don't leave anything out.

At Start menu, control panel>connect to network>manage networks I get the following message" The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements for the network" What does that mean? I don't think that I changed something like that.

The network that I am on is through Comcast and there is a wireless router and two computters running off of it. The other computer isn't having these problems.

I was trying to download a wi-fi card from HP after the one from the link that you gave me didn't download. (By the way, thank you)

Then I got a message stating "Wireless security settings on this computer so not match the settings on "USR5461" I know that that is our network name. How could these changes have been changed? And how do I change them back? I used my roommates computer and got all the information including method, encryption and pass phrase. now I don't know where to the information.

I have one more question and I will leave you guys alone for at least the rest of the evening....
During my browsing last night I came across an article concerning a wireless key vault. Is this a good idea? The website I was guided to is:
Thanks again for all of your help. I'm sure if you give me enough time, I can figure out something else on this thing that has me shaking my head.

"Malke" <malke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:up$qO$iKKHA.1340@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Piksi wrote:

Now I am having the following appear when I try to reply:

The host '' could not be found. Please verify that you
have entered the server name correctly.
Account: ' (3)', Server: '', Protocol:
POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 11001, Error Number:

I haven't changed anything. Does anyone know how to denter the setver name
correctly? Small steps please. I am a little lost.

Hello, Piksi - You're having quite a bit of trouble with your computer! I'm
keeping a lookout in the other thread for your testing results about the

The outgoing server information for Comcast outgoing email is wrong.

It should be Outgoing Mail:
Server requires authentication - use the same settings as my incoming mail
Under Server Port Numbers use Port 587.

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