Re: Problems with a shared printer

"yaro137" <yaro137@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've got 2 Vista laptops. Both on Home Premium. One of them is sharing
a usb Lexmark 8300 printer. The other one can see the shared resources
and connect to that printer but it can't print. No error messages
whatsoever. After printing a test page I can see number 1 next to the
printer status but when I double click the printer the print job is
not there. Both the computers are in the same workgroup. Both have
Printer Sharing enabled in Network and Sharing Center. On the computer
that's sharing the printer the Everyone group was given full access.
All paper set to A4 on both of them. Any ideas?

I don't think it's the answer, but you should only have Printer Sharing
enabled on the machine that physically has the printer connected to it.