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How do I find out if my computer is 32 or 64 bit?

Those forst two links you mention, do I do those on my desktop or

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> Is there a way to contect my laptop running Window's Vista to my
> and Printer? My wireless modem is Netgear and is attached to my
> desktop. My desktop is running Windows XP.
> Can i print from my laptop to my printer connected to my desktop? If
> can access files from my desktop great but not necessary.
> I know enought to be dangerous, but not really a techie. If anyone
> help I'd appreciate it. Even if the answer is no you can't do this.
> Thanks
> Geoff
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First, you have to do this..

'Windows File and Printer Sharing - How to Enable or Disable'

and this

Now you need to set the same workgroup for each machine..

Choose one and right click on My Computer

Click on the 'Computer Name' and make a note of the workgroup name. It
even be 'workgroup'

Now do the same on the other computer and ensure that the same
name exists. If it doesn't, change it.

Reboot both machines.

Time to add a network printer to Vista..

I am assuming that both machines are running 32-bit operating systems.
Vista is 64-bit, tell me and I will give you instruction on how to add


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If you don't know whether 64-bit or 32-bit, you most likely have 32-bit on both so don't worry about it..

The first two links, one was for XP, one was for Vista, so use the appropriate instructions for each machine..


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