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Has anyone been able to successfully access files on a Vista SP2
from an XP SP3 machine?


Are you having problems with it? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)
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Yes, since upgrading Vista from SP1 to SP2, I am unable to access a
Vista Home Premium SP2 machine from an XP Home SP3 machine.

I have scoured the internet over the last several months searching for
a solution. I have found a few cases of people with the exact same
problem but no one has posted a successful solution.

I currently have 4 machines in a home network all connected to a wired
Linksys router: XP Home SP3, Vista Home Premium SP1, Vista Home Premium
SP2 and Windows 7 RC 64-Bit.

All machines can access shared folders on all other machines with one
exception: the XP machine cannot access shared folders on the Vista SP2

All machines are single user and are adminstered with matching user
names and passwords. All machines have the same workgroup name.

All machines are running Windows firewall with file/printer sharing
allowed on the exception tab.

On the XP machine, file and printer sharing is enabled under Local Area
Connection Properties. Also, Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder is

On both Vista machines, in the Network and Sharing Center, the network
is private, Network Discovery is on, File Sharing is on, Public Folder
Sharing is on and Password Protected Sharing is off. The network map
that is drawn is identical on both Vista machines.

The XP machine can successfully ping the Vista SP2 machine.

Using "Search for Computers..." on the XP machine, the Vista SP2
machine is found. However, access to the Vista SP2 machine is denied. An
error window pops up with the message "\\Vista-SP2 is not accessible.
You might not have permission to use this network resource. ...".
Similarly, attempting to map a shared folder on the Vista SP2 machine to
a drive on the XP machine in Windows Explorer fails.

I had originally installed SP2 on the Vista SP1 machine but ran into
the same problem. I uninstalled SP2 on that machine and the problem went

There seems to be something specific within SP2 that is causing this
problem. Fortunately it doesn't seem to have carried over to Windows 7
(at least not yet).



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