Re: Event ID 1003 - DHCP Client Lease Validity

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Almost every time I wake up my MS Vista desktop computer (with all updates, SP2+) from the sleep mode (S3) I get a "Local Only" connection, so I cannot use the Internet until I reboot the computer or reset the network card (or ipconfig /release / renew).

I can see the following entry in the system log every time this happens:

Event Details
Windows Operating System




Symbolic Name:

Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network (from the DHCP server) for the network adapter with MAC address ###. The following error occurred:
###. Your computer will continue trying to obtain an address on its own from the DHCP server.

What should I do in order to solve this problem? I've tried many things like disabling the power management for the network card or resetting the Windows Firewall but none of them worked.

Have you tried just giving your NIC a fixed IP address? Works for my computers, but then I never let my machines go to sleep. They're either on or off. No sleep or hibernation for my machines.

Will this work when my ISP assigns me a dynamic IP? Or perhaps, should I use the IP value for the default gateway which always seems to be the same value?

The only difference between an Ipconfig /all when the Internet is running fine and running the same command after waking the computer up ("local only") is that there's no value for the default gateway in the 6TO4 Adapter. I tried disabling the IPv6 for this connection but this doesn't seem to be the cause either.